Friday, November 16, 2007

Show & Tell - Holiday Version

Continuing the Show & Tell from my Christmas Tree, I have chosen two more ornaments to showcase today:

Aren't these snowmen cute?? I bought them at Kohl's 2 years ago in their after Christmas clearance section. Cliff has umpired baseball and refereed football and these little guys were just perfect for him!!

This wooden pink rabbit was on a gift given to me when Amy was born. I had stored it away in a box of keepsakes from her birth. Several years ago I was going through that box and decided this needed to hang on our Christmas tree instead of hiding in the box. It is Amy's to put on the tree each year and will go with her and one day hang on Christmas trees in her own home. This little rabbit is very precious to me but it has come to mean alot to Amy also.

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Penless Thoughts said...

Adorable ornaments. The Bunny will be such a keepsake.