Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Joshua's Graduation

Joshua's graduation began on Sunday morning with a Baccalaurate in the campus church. It was a beautiful, moving service full of worship and encouragement for the graduates. As I suspected, Joshua sang. He chose to sing, "You Raise Me Up" which he also sang at his high school graduation. It was amazing to hear the refinement in his vocal ability over the past 5 years of training.

Graduation took place Sunday afternoon in the football stadium. As the bells began to toll, the graduates began to make their way to the stadium, taking one last walk around the campus as students. Once inside the stadium, the faculty formed two rows and the graduates formed a line in-between them and thats when "Pomp and Circumstance" began.

Receiving his Bachelor Degrees in both Music and Communication Arts from the Dean.

Congratulations from the President.

I take one of these pictures every time they are together.

My two Graduates. I am one proud mom!!!

My Parents.

My Grown-Up Family. It happened way too fast!!

Cliff's Mom.

Looking Forward........He will spend the next year preparing for Graduate School. He hopes to get a "Teacher's Apprentice" position. To do that, however, his audition has to be virtually flawless. He felt he needed this year to prepare.


When Josh presented his Senior Seminar a few months ago, all the musicians had headshots taken. I finally saw them this week and I AM IN LOVE with these pictures of my son!! He almost looks too professional to be my child.....almost!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Jacob's Graduation

Graduation started in a way on the Sunday evening prior with the Baccalaurate Service. It was beautiful, full of Scripture, inspirational readings, a wonderful charge given by one of the faculty and a Senior Choir. Graduation was held on Thursday in the fully packed gym. Below is just a small sampling of graduation and family pictures.

Moving the tassel, signifying he is now an alumni!!

Cliff's mom came from Georgia!

Best friend & partner in crime, his cousin, Zack.

Our family, minus Josh.


My Parents.

Looking forward............

Jacob's Week of Finals

One last High School choir concert. He sang his solo that he took to State Competition and recieved a "1" rating which is the best score he could get! He sang his heart out at this concert.

This is a glimpse of why I love living in our small town. Our Baseball, Softball, and Track teams all qualified for State-Level competition this year. The morning the teams left, these signs were all along the main road to wish them luck and support. Each team, coach, and athlete had a sign.

These three young men were the back-bone of the throwers. Jacob and the guy in front to his left placed in the top three in shot-put in every even this year. Usually one or the other of them would win. Jacob, however was the only one who qualified for state with a throw of 50 ft. 3/4 inches....his personal best.

Jacob did great at State. He beat his personal best with a throw of 54 inches! He ended up placing 5th!!

More than anything else this year, I am most proud of Jacob because at the beginning of the year he set some large goals for himself. He aspired to qualify for the State level in everything he competed in....and He did it! He went to state for Power-Lifting, Solos, Forensics, and Track. He worked so hard and finished well!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Me & My Mom

Since Christmas, I have been going through my mom's pictures. I've been scanning and attempting to digitally preserve these precious memories.

I have been thrilled to come across a couple pictures of myself, newly born with my young, beautiful mother. I cannot express how much I cherish these pictures.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

I am thankful for you every day!!!!!!!!!!!