Sunday, November 25, 2007

Memory Album

The turkey has been eaten. Leftovers are gone. Anniversary celebrated. Josh is back at school. The tree is up and decorated. My dining room is full of boxes of Christmas decorations. I'm tired but feeling a bit nostalgic so I thought I'd take a short trip down memory lane to West Sand Lake, NY (a tiny little town outside of Albany) circa 1973. This is winter in upstate New York.

This is yet another slide from my dad's extensive slide collection. Walmart did a horrible job scanning it. I now scan them myself. But back to the picture...

I'm on the far left in the tan coat...I think that is my sister, Elizabeth on the far right in the brown coat...and my brother Jon is the little boy in the brown snowsuit sitting in the sled. I know the little girl in the pink coat. Her name is Diana but who the other 2 are, I don't know.

My mom was so good at stuff like this. We had so much fun when we were kids. She would somehow make everything seem like a special in this picture. She also picked up 3 more kids along the way!!! I have tried to do things like this have special evenings or outings with the kids. But it always seemed like those were the times they chose to act up the worst. Anyone else ever experience that? I'm making much more of an effort these days with Jacob & Emily to really spend some good, quality time with each of them. The days fly by so quickly!!

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Beth said...

Those were the three kids mom babysat- remember the girl who stole her 5 dollars from Grandma Stuckenberg? the boy's name was Buddy- that's all I remember.

And yes, my kids act up the worst when we try to do something special. I'm jealous your tree is all up and decorated-we started, but now all I've got is mess and no energy to finish it.

My sewing machine pedal broke Saturday and I'm right in the middle of the baby quilt. I went to the repair shop today- they want 70 for a new one! I'm hoping to find one online.