Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The GREEN Bottle

Headaches run in my family. Probably more on my mom's side than my dad's. I remember getting migraines as a kid. My head would hurt so bad and then it would make me sick to my stomach. I'll never forget the worst one as a kid. I was 13. We were driving home from Canada. I had a migraine and it quickly affected my stomach. Sitting in the backseat of a small car with 2 other siblings is not the best thing for a migraine. Add on the fact that I was watching the mountains go up and down (do I need to say motion sickness here??) Yep...it took it's toll. Just as I was opening my mouth to tell my dad he better pull over, we had an expolosion of Niagra Falls INSIDE the car!! My mom shoved a map in my lap and we pulled off the road by a stream. The car was cleaned up as good as you can with stream water and napkins. I lost a good purse that day!! Unfortunately, that wasn't the first time that happened. It happened once again while I was driving!!!

The family cure has always been Excederine...(and in these days of budget conscious shopping, it's Equate brand). You can go to my mom's house, my sister's house, my brother's house, my aunt's....yeap, "the cure" is in all of them!!!! When the kids were sent to fetch "the cure" and they couldn't read, they were told to get the aspirin in the green bottle. This same conversation has taken place in each house....

"Josh, go get me the bottle of aspirin."

"Which one is it?"

"The green bottle!!"

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