Saturday, November 17, 2007

Saturday Update

My crop today was WONDERFUL!! I just about finished the entire book I was working on. I have just a few little things to finish up and then I can move onto the next one!!

We had our monthly small group tonight. It's something I totally look forward to and enjoy. We share a meal together and then study the Word. Tonight another couple joined us and they fit right in. How great it is to share community with these wonderful people.

And as I was talking about God's Provision yesterday, He provided for me yet again. I was telling a friend of mine tonight how I broke my camera. She went and got one and handed it to me. It's mine to use until I can get a replacement. Isn't God good?? And I was wondering how I was going to photograph the holidays!!

1 comment:

Paul Sr. said...

Do you think you could take a pic of the sanctuary & send it to your poor brother in law?