Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Going Away Party

We threw a desert reception for Jacob so that people come by and tell him goodbye and wish him well before he left for college.  I did everything in purple and white (K-State colors) and everything came together beautifully.  The people were so kind to him, gave him cards, gifts, well-wishes, and encouragement and prayers.  I think he left feeling quite loved and appreciated.

House Divided is not only my house but Jacob himself.  It's hard to be a KU fan at K-State!!

Jacob's sister, Amy, made him two cookie cakes (one of his favorite deserts). One we served and this one he was able to take with him to school.

In addition to the cookie cakes, I made sugar cookies with buttercream frosting, yellow cupcakes with buttercream, purple velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, cake balls, and chocolate covered pretzels (another of Jacob's favorites).

Jacob and one of his very good friends from high school.