Friday, August 30, 2013

August Changes - Part 2

Here she is!  My baby girl, Emily on her last first day of school.             

She was ready to start school this year so she can get it done. 
She is so ready to move on!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

August Changes - Part 1

This is the third time I've watched this scene play out.  One of my kids loading up all their earthly posessions and heading out to life on their own.  This time its Jacob, and his cousin, Zack, and their friend, Noah. They backed a trailer up to my mom's and filled it up....on a very HOT day! 

Jacob has already done a year of school away from home. However, I don't think saying goodbye gets any fact, I know it doesn't!
Grandma was very generous to them and gave them all the furniture in her basement.  We also loaded them up with lots of essentials (cereal, snacks, etc)

The trailer was loaded and goodbyes were said and they were off!!
And things are quiet. (too quiet)