Friday, April 27, 2012

So, how's the weight loss going??  Honestly? It was pretty much at a stand-still.  It got to the point where I'm was getting so stressed over not loosing the weight I wanted to be loosing and not sure what to do about it. So after being so strict since last July, I did something rather unconventional.  I took a 2-week step back.  I went on the maintenance plan and although I still watched what I ate to a certain degree and still excercised, I decided that I needed to loose the stress and after the two weeks, hit the diet hard with the same intensity I started with. I had planned to start up again last Monday but was so ready to start on Saturday. 
Immediately I felt my energy levels go up and by Friday, 5 pounds have come off. And I've come to a major realization.  Its not the diet that has been the problem - it's Rebecca.  A little taste here and a little taste there all adds up! 
The two cycles I'm in will last another 27 days and then I'll re-evaluate if changes are needed.
For now, I'm enjoying my new life, my new body, my new clothes and doing things I haven't done for walk the two miles to and from my mom's, mow the grass, move with ease, sleep well, eating right, fitting into clothing sizes I haven't seen in my closet since I got married,  and the list goes on and on!!