Thursday, February 14, 2013

Life Stages

I figured out something this past week about grandchildren.  No, I don't have any yet but I think I understand a large part of the bond a grandparent has with the grandchild. 
The grandchildren fill the void that is left when your children have grown.
It also seems that the stage of life between when your children grow and leave and the time you have grandchildren can be a very nostagic and sometimes sad place.
This is me and my youngest child.  Thank God she is still at home.....for about 18 months more.  But she is at that stage of her life where she is active and has a life of her own.  I treasure our time together and yet I know it is so fast and fleeting!   And I find myself knee- deep in the nostagic and sometimes sad stage.
It's not just is what it is.