Thursday, November 29, 2007

My Grandmas

My grandmothers were very different people but there were a few things they had in common. The greatest of these was their faith. They loved God, they loved the church and they both sought to raise their children in this faith. Each of them faced very hard times. My grandma Benzing lost a son to cancer. Two of her daughters were widowed. In her later years she's had several strokes and heart problems. But through all this, she's never lost her joy. Do you know the impact this had on me? I was a kid through some of it. I watched from a distance as we lived across the country from them. Yet I still understood that despite the circumstances, she held on. My mom says that she literally held on to her faith by her finger tips.

My grandma Adrian was a pastor's wife. Not once but two times did a church turn on them and boot my grandpa out. With my dad being a pastor, I know the effects those things have on his wife. My grandmother about had a nervous breakdown. During the days of mine & Cliff's courtship, she was facing cancer. She made it to my wedding which is something I will always treasure. She was so happy to be there. 6 months later she passed away. Through all the cancer stuff she never lost her faith.

They also made me feel so treasured and so special. I know they didn't play favorites but I always felt like one. I always knew they loved me and I love them...dearly.

My kids are so fortunate because that's the kind of grandma my mother is. She's so rock-solid in her faith. When anyone goes to her for any kind of advice, she'll lead them to the Word. She's also alot of fun. The kids have always loved to spend time with her. And while she doesn't play favorites either, she makes each kid feel so special and important. When they're with her, they feel like they are the favorite. They are treasured, cherished and loved.

What great role models I have had. I can't wait to be a grandma!!

Please keep my grandma Benzing in your prayers.

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