Monday, November 26, 2007

Monday, Monday

Monday has typically been a day that I use to catch up from all the running around on the weekends. Today was especially busy due to the long weekend from the holiday.

I got up and headed to Target. I was on a mission to find the rest of the ornaments for the kids this year. Since I ended up getting 2 for Jacob, all the kids will be receiving 2 this year. I found the remaining 4 ornaments plus one for myself. As an added bonus, all single ornaments were 20% off.

Next it was on to Walmart for grocery shopping. I usually shop between Walmart and the local grocery store but today I didn't need to shop for meat so I only had to go to Walmart. I did have to stop in the Subway in Walmart for a little lunch break!!

Once home, I got to work setting up my 2nd tree. This one holds a collection of acrylic and smaller ornaments that would otherwise get lost on my large tree. Got that done plus got Emily's all up and decorated. I unloaded most of the boxes and they are piled up waiting for Cliff to take them back to the attic. Tomorrow I will have him help me hang the garlands and put lights on another tree I purchased at a garage sale this summer for my front porch.

In between all of this, I did about 7 loads of laundry, made dinner, put said laundry away, dusted, and swept. I have really adjusted to Cliff's schedule and once he leaves its go, go, go until I fall into bed. I cannot work like this if he's fact, today I was kind of ready for him to leave so I could get to work. Isn't that awful?? I'm just far less productive when he's around...especially if he's sleeping.

I received my prize that I won in the bloggy give-aways this fall. Owlhaven sent me a Beth Moore Bible Study in a box. I'm excited to dive into this study!!

This week I hope to finish 2 scrapbooks, figure out all the cookies and goodies I want to make this year and figure out what gifts I still need to buy.

Have a good week!!

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