Monday, February 11, 2008

30 Days - Day 8 "Dog-Sitting"

Whenever my mom goes out of town, I get the distinct responsibility of caring for her little "princess"---Gabby. Gabby is in the foreground and that's my dog, Jack (who is a younger brother) in the background. You can read Jack's story here. Anyways, Gabby is a good little dog except she has to be reprimanded for chasing cats (a big no-no around here!!!!)

It's so cold here. It started yesterday. I think the high might have been 15!! We have a cold week ahead of us with a forecast that also includes snow flurries and possible freezing drizzle and rain. Spring is starting to look really good!!
My to-do list is growing faster than my list of accomplisments. I'm falling behind, it seems, on everything. I'm not sure why. I go through cycles from time-to-time where it almost seems like I'm in a fog...and almost like I'm running around in circles. One day, the fog will lift and I will be productive, get alot done, and think clearly. Anyone else ever experience that? Maybe I'm just weird. :-)
See you tomorrow!!

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