Thursday, February 14, 2008

30 Days - Day 11

Amy's cake for "J-Man"
Ah, the wonder of young love. Seems just like yesterday I was almost 20, in love, and making something like this for my Valentine!!


Gretchen said...

Love the cake and LOVE the 30 days idea! You are awesome!

nannykim said...

Hey--are you cheating or is that really yours?

Anonymous said...

okay that cake is the sweetest thing ever! How perfect.
Did you ask Gretchen for my email? I think your mom has it...

BTW! I see that you are reading another John Maxwell book for Gretchen's March reading thing, and I just love him and his books. Probably one of the best speakers and writers that I've heard. He is great, let us know what you think about that book.