Friday, February 1, 2008

Book Review

I just finished reading a great little book entitled, "Stop Dating the Church" by Joshua Harris. I happened to see this book listed in a "recommended" reading list on another blog and liked the title. Now, it's been since High School that I've written a book review so please bear with me.

I've grown up in church my entire life. That's how it is when you're dad is the pastor. You go to church. I never really had a choice in the matter. Our family went...together...end of story. So, in some ways, for me, although I love the tradition and the community, the worship, and the teaching, church has somewhat been something of a routine. It's something I do.

What I was able to receive from this book is how God views the church. I know, I know, I should already know this and I did - in theory, but the author gave such a good picture analogy that I got my heart.

He also shares the benefits of being in church. What we recieve when we fully commit to our local church. Some of these I knew, some I did not. But, my favorite chapter was entitled, "Reclaiming Sunday." It was just what I needed to read! Very practical things before, during, and after the service. I take this to heart and even today am beginning to prepare myself for the Lord's day tomorrow.

For so many of us, Church has become somewhat a drudgery. How can we reach out to others if we are only half-interested, and half-hearted ourselves? Who wants to be part of that?

"What's amazing to me is that the church is God's plan "for glorifying himself and extending his reign" and as a result "the 'rulers and authorities in the heavenly places' look down at Gods' work through the church with amazement and wonder. They're in awe. They're glued to the action unfolding through the church. Why? because the 'manifold wisdom of God' is being displayed, and the spiritual mystery hidden for ages past is being revealed through the church." Why would anyone not want to be part of something so glorious?"

Josh Harris - Stop Dating the Church