Tuesday, February 12, 2008

30 Days - Day 9


I feel like I'm drowning!!!!!!!!!!!!
I feel just like this guy!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm amazed at how much paper our house produces. I took 3 paper grocery sacks to the recycling bin at church and when I cleaned off my desk this afternoon, I filled up another box. Yeah, I forgot to take a picture before cleaning it off, so you can call me chicken for not showing my mess but this guy's instead :-)

I'm desperately trying to be like this woman...FREE from the bondage of clutter!! It's so HARD!! I fight it constantly. My kids are no help!! Just when I think I have an area clutter free, my daughter decides she need to bake a Valentine's cake for her sweetie. Now this isn't a problem except she seems to have bought out the entire cake decorating dept. at Hobby Lobby and guess where it all sits???? Hmmm??? My brother-in-law told my sister as she was complaining of the same thing, "One day you'll miss these days." She replied, "I'll miss the kids but not the mess!'

AMEN sister!!!

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nannykim said...

yes, and grandkids seem to make even a bigger mess; because when all the kids have moved out it seems so nice and clean and quiet. Then when they come for a visit with a little one WOW it seems like a tornado hit (a lovely one--but things get messy fast ;-) _