Tuesday, February 19, 2008

30 Days - Day 16: Shopping

Somwhere in this 30 day project, I knew I wanted to do a post about grocery shopping. Since going through Financial Peace and reading various blogs, I have changed the way I shop. I usually divide it up between 4 stores, trying to get the absolute prices that I can. I will only buy meat from our local grocery. I buy only what's on sale and I prefer their cuts and prices far more than Walmart. I also take advantage of any sales that the local grocery has. For other items including dog and cat food, I head to Walmart 1, because their prices are generally lower and 2, they will price match to any other store ads I may have. (On my last trip to Walmart, however, I noticed an increase in prices across the board!) For all health & beauty items, medications or pharmaceutical needs, and paper items (like toilet paper and paper towels) I buy between CVS and Walgreens depending on the sales and coupons.

Because I have stocked up on sales, etc, this week I only went to the local grocery on Monday because they had a great president's day sale. Other than that, I didn't need anything else.

Today (as with most Tuesdays) I headed down to the drug stores. I already have my lists compiled and coupons pulled. Pictured above are my purchases (a gallon of milk isn't in the picture). Between both stores, I spent a total of $25.00 The rest was virtually free because of coupons and store rewards (a saving of over $75.00). It's amazing and that's why I consider the time I spend planning for these trips almost a part-time job. It is not my intention for my blog to be a blog about shopping but because I'm doing 30 days out of my ordinary life, this is part of it....a regular part.


nannykim said...

Wow; that really added up to some savings. Guess you have to know your stores and you have to get the papers! Do you get your coupons from newspapers? I do not have access to coupons!

nannykim said...

So what about the stores like, Fred's, or General Dollar (I think it is called)--do you know how these compare in price on cleaning and miscellaneous items? If you don't have coupons, where are the best buys or well, guess it depends on sales