Sunday, February 3, 2008


I found out yesterday that I won a couple things in the bloggy carnival. They ended up having over 800 people participate....that translates into over 800 give-aways. I tried to methodically check out all the stuff that interested me. I gave up somewhere in the 400's. I was starting to see double and everything started to look the same. So here's what I won:
  • A book, 101 Cups of Water, from Melissa at Melissa's Idea Gerden, which I totally cannot wait to read!
  • an apron from Flibby at Stay at Home Daughters, which I inted to pass onto one of my daughters who totally love to cook and totally love aprons.
  • A Blog Design package from RS Designs. I'm so excited to have a personalized blog with all sorts of customized features.

The greatest surprise of all was this morning...we're in the middle of a song and who walks in???? My oldest son, Josh, along with 4 of his friends. I had no idea they were anywhere in the area. Oh was I so happy to see him!!!

I had a hard week this week. I can't really go into details because it's of a personal nature. I can say that I've been very, very down this week and as I was going out the door, I noticed a note on the fridge door. It said, "Dear Mom, I have an idea something good is going to happen to you today. Love, Amy" I was so touched. I needed that. I'm sure that she was referring to Josh coming but my kids lifted my spirits today. And if that wasn't enough, the worship music today, being with my church community and the inspiring message all lifted me so much that I'm ready to face another week. Yep, today's been a very good Lord's Day.


Anonymous said...

And Rebecca, I was so happy to see Josh too and get a hug. So happy to have all 4 kids at lunch. Doesn't happen much anymore. :(
Love, Mom

Revka of RS Designs said...

What wonderful surprises, particularly having your son come home unexpectedly. :)

Congrats on winning Linda's Gold Design Package giveaway.