Wednesday, February 20, 2008

30 Days - Day 17

This is an acceptance letter for college to my oldest daughter, Amy. Even though she's in her 2nd year of college she's been living at home. This one is for Bethel College where Josh goes and is 3 hours away. Yep, another one is planning on leaving the nest and once they leave, even when they come home it's never the same. If God wills, when her time at Bethel is done she'll be planning a wedding. My how time flies!

In other news, we have lived in our house for 5 years now. It's an old house built in 1910. I've had ideas how I'd like to decorate, etc. I've know I wanted to stay somewhat vintage in keeping with the style of the house. I've struggled because I've had no direction and no ideas....until today. I came across a catalog for this website. Oh my goodness!!!!! THIS IS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's what I've been looking for!!!! So, now that I've got the inspiration I just need the $$$. Easier said than done. Maybe I can get one piece at a time and also look for thrift versions of the ideas. It's going to be a work in progess. I feel better just having some direction.

The keyword around here today is COLD!! We're in the middle of an artic blast! Snow & freezing drizzle are expected tomorrow and Friday. I'm also having a "green bottle" day....a bad one again and I can't tell if I feel bad because of the headache or if I'm coming down with something. I have to confess that I'm very afraid of getting the flu. I've heard it's nasty!!!!

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Jackie said...

Rebecca- I love that website too! It actually comes in a catalog as well and I browse trhough it at our piano teacher's home. Beautiful things!