Thursday, February 7, 2008

30 Days - Day 4

Someone was staring at me while I was blogging!!
(You can read her story here)


nannykim said...

oh, now , ya gotta show a whole picture of that pretty eyed creature --oh weeeeel may be you do--I will click the "here"!!

nannykim said...

ok--so I read that--a neat story and a nice pic of the kittie! She has cool coloring ;-). We once had the same thing happen to one of our cats. It disappeared for a month after we moved. I think she went back to the old house and then returned to the new one. It was across town. That is my theory. The cat we now have (he is pictured way down on my sidebar) is an inside cat--he is around 13 years old. We made him an inside cat because our outside ones kept getting killed (and at the time mysterious things were happening to the neighborhood cats--there were even some write ups in the local paper about it---they were getting mangled---like a machine had got hold of them. The mystery was not solved and one of our cats was a recipient of the mangling and died! Don't know if it was a machine of some kind or a bobcat attack or what!!)