Friday, October 19, 2007

Show & Tell Friday

I've seen this done on other blogs and I like the idea of "Show & Tell" I never did get to do that when I was in school.
So anyways, my show & tell for today is my cat, Pebbles. About 7 years ago, we lived in a house on 13 acres. One day I heard meowing and looked out and saw this mostly gray kitten in the yard. Ignoring Cliff's oppositions at the time, I fed her. She was so hungry!! I didn't know if I'd see her again. But the next day, there was that meowing again and I ran out and fed her. At the time, I am ashamed to admit, I called her "Ugly"....(I didn't know her, OK?) She got pregnant and I let her in the house for little bits of time. Once I got to know her better, I decided to name her "Pebbles" because all the colors in her fur reminded me of the kinds of pebbles you'd find at a creek or river. Eventually, she learned her name and I could go out on the back deck and call, "Pebbles" and she'd come tearing across the fields. She is a great hunter and for the 2 years we lived in that house, I never saw a mouse!
Eventually, that property got sold. There was no way I was going to leave her there so Pebbles made the move with us to our current house. I let her outside because that's what she preferred (I did have her spayed). But a couple years ago, she went missing for 4 months!!! I thought she was gone and I missed her. But one day I heard that familiar meowing from across the street and home she came. I have no idea where she was. She was so thin!! She ate & rested for about a month and decided she wanted back outside. She disappeared for a month. That's when I decided for Pebble's own good, she need to become a house cat. She's made the transition very well. She now mainly lives in my room. She's great company. She's satisfied to just lie on the corner of my bed. She loves to play. She'll chase anything that moves. So that's the story of how Pebbles joined our family!!!!! And that concludes this installment of "Show & Tell."

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Back Through Time said...

I just love you little show and tell! Adorable and cuddly too. Thanks for stopping by my blog:-)
Have a wonderful day