Friday, December 7, 2007

Show & Tell Friday - Holiday Edition

Each Friday I have been showcasing ornaments from my Christmas trees. As I was looking through them for today's installment, I didn't realize how many I had handcrafted through the years. There was a period when I tried all kinds of crafting and these ornaments reflect those years. Sometimes I just wanted a new ornament or two, couldn't justify buying one so I made them with whatever materials I had on hand. However they came about, they have remained on my tree year after year. For more Show & Tell fun visit Kelli at No Place Like Home.


Kathy b said...

This is a nice collection and you did a really good job photographing them, Some look so familiar, I remember making them also.

Mammy said...

A great retrospective of craft eras. Nice photos.

Mary said...

What beautiful ornaments. You are very talented. Mom has made me many ornaments over the years and my grandsons have also made me a few. I cherish them and know how you must love these. Thanks so much for sharing the photos and your talents.


Jane said...

I love your collection of handmade ornaments. I love handmade things surrounding my home.

Thanks for sharing,

Cindy said...

Beautiful photos. I have made some of those ornaments myself!

Lana G! said...

Too fun! Love your crafty ornaments!