Friday, December 28, 2007

Memory Album

After I had Amy, we had tried to have another baby. It wasn't as easy as the first two had been. In fact, I thought perhaps God had decided 2 was the amount of children our home was to be blessed with.

Finally, after 3 years of "trying," I was able to go to the dr. for a pregnancy test. I was shocked to get a positive result after all the negatives!! That night (Wednesday) I spotted my sister, Elizabeth, in church. I beelined over to her. I had this incredible secret and after Cliff, she's been the other person I've shared my secrets with! Our conversation went something like this:

Rebecca: "Elizabeth, I'm pregnant!"
Elizabeth: "Me Too!!"
Rebecca: "WHAT??? When are you due??"
Elizabeth: "The last week of Dec."
Rebecca: "I'm due a WEEK LATER!!!"
(Rebecca floats back to her seat by Cliff)
Rebecca (whispering): "Cliff, Elizabeth is pregnant too"
Cliff: (not whispering): "Get out of here!"
Rebecca: And we are due a week apart!"
Cliff: GET OUT OF HERE!!!!!

What a time that was!!!! We both ended up with the same doctor, so of course that meant we were both scheduled to deliver at the same hospital.
Fast-forward 9 months. I'm having a scheduled c-section a week early....Monday morning, December 28. I had to be there by 9:00 AM.
Guess who's water broke Sunday evening the 27th???? YEP. On my way to my delivery, I stopped and visited my sister in her room. I then went on my merry way and delivered a very healthy, robust
8 lb, 15oz. baby boy whom we named,
Jacob Adrian.
10 hours later, Zachary Brian made his entrance into the world. Obviously I couldn't see Elizabeth's baby and she couldn't see mine until the next day. What an event that was. Our little twin cousins have been the best of friends ever since.

It is so hard for me
to believe that was 15 years ago today. Jacob is one of my "little" kids!!!! Now, I could share with you story after story of all the "adventures" Jacob has put me through (I'm so surprised I do not have a head full of gray hair) but when thinking about today's post I thought I would share a most recent memory that totally blessed my mother's heart:

When Jacob was a toddler, he was very "rough and tumble." He would NEVE
R be still to go to bed or take a nap so Cliff or I always had to lay down with him to get him asleep. I would always lie down with him at nap-time. He needed a nap and so did I! I would make up stories but most of all, we would lay there and sing. I wanted to develop this side of him. I didn't want him to grow up without any appreciation for music and arts and books. So we would sing.

A few Sundays back when we were in Ohio for my grandmother's funeral, we went to a rather large church my family attended when I was a little girl. Jacob was sitting a row behind me. During one of the hymns, I heard this male voice singing away. It was my son. I was so blessed to hear him singing. It took me back to those nap-times!!!!

Jacob is a good kid. He's a delight to his mother.
Happy 15th birthday, Jacob!!!!!!!

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