Saturday, December 15, 2007


My brother Jon flew in yesterday for visit over the weekend with his 4 year old daughter. She was coming ready to see snow. Well, they picked the right weekend. We had snow all day. Coming from FL, they had to go right to Walmart and buy boots, gloves, and a coat! What fun and what memories she'll take home with her!

I finally was able to get some baking started today. I usually mail quite a few cookies and am hoping to get everything in the mail by Monday afternoon. I decided to start with the sugar cookies because once I frost them, I have to let the icing dry out before I package them so they won't stick together. I'l finish up the others tomorrow.

I finished one scrapbook gift, am just about done with 3 more which will leave one more to do this week. It's the big one I'll have left. I'm glad with what I got done today. I've also got a lasagne in the oven, meatballs in sauce on top of the stove and have done several loads of laundry.

We're leaving in just a few minute to have dinner with my family over at mom's. That's what the lasagne is for.

Have a wonderful Sunday!!

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Beth said...

Boo hoo. I want to come and see the snow and have dinner at mom and dad's with Jon and Andie. We've had preciptiation all day and it hasn't been snow! Not near as much fun as snow would have been.