Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A Long Winter's Nap...

The last scene in the movie, "Christmas Vacation," shows Clark saying, "I Did It."
I share Clark's sentiment!!
For the first time in many years, I had to finish up the shopping on Christmas Eve. I left our house at 6:30 AM to do it. When finished, I ran home, picked up the family and we were out the door by 8:00 AM to finish up and then grab lunch.
I did, however, enjoy getting out on Christmas Eve.
We had such a nice Christmas. We revived a tradition we have had for years. We go out to breakfast. It's such a nice family time and when we get home and open gifts, everyone is fed and happy. We didn't go last year because my sister and family were in town and I really missed going. We decided to take a leisurely pace through the day, so we didn't go until 10:00!
Everyone loved their gifts. We enjoyed them all afternoon. We then headed over to my parent's for dinner and open presents with them.
There were lots of games given this year so we had such a good time last night playing some of them. I think we'll be ringing in the new year with a game night!!
Now? Well, let's just say all the stress and all the nights of too little sleep have hit me full-force today. I slept in and a few hours later found myself snoozing on the couch. I have allowed myself today to "recouperate" and tomorrow it's back to business. I hope to start putting things away and getting back to as much of a normal life as we can have around here!!
I didn't get one Christmas card mailed this year. Time just got away from me. So for our family and friends that may be reading here, we hope you had a wonderful Christmas and will have a very, very blessed New Year!!!

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