Thursday, December 20, 2007

A Blast of Christmas Past

Christmas 1974

When we were kids, it was my mom who brought the "spirit" to Christmas. She cooked, baked, shopped, and wrapped all season long. My Dad? Well, let's just say I think my dad delights in routine. It didn't matter if it were Christmas morning or not, he had a daily morning routine. We were not allowed to go downstairs to the tree until mom gave us the go-ahead. So we waited and waited for what seemed like hours until my dad got up, showered, dressed, and did his hair. It was AGONY!!!!!! We could hardly stand it!!

Once we finally entered the livingroom there would be alot of gifts under the tree and the stockings would be full. Christmas seemed to last all day. We would open, play, eat, and then play some more. It was so much fun and magical.

It was also this particular Christmas that the only thing I really, really wanted for Christmas was a Barbie. Not just any Barbie but "Barbie Sweet 16." There was just something about her pink dress and blonde hair that just called to me and to topp it off, she also came with her own little makeup case. My mother made sure it was there under the tree. I screamed when I opened it up and to this day have never forgotten it.

That's the kind of Christmases Cliff and I have had with our kids. We've each brought traditions and memories from our childhoods and have combined them into our own. Christmas in my parents house was about God and Family and Friends. Christmas was fun. Christmas at our house is about the very same things.

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