Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Weekend Reflections - Part 2

This morning's post was part of 3 posts I wanted to do today about my time with family this weekend. This is the 2nd.

As I talked with various family members or heard conversations, I realized that time within our family is currently measured by 2 events. Grandma and Grandpa's 50th anniversary celebration (1989?) and Sarah's wedding (2004).

For the 5oth anniversary, we all stayed in a hotel downtown Hamilton. The ceremony was at a local church and the party was back at the hotel. It was a beautiful celebration.

Sarah's wedding, it seems, is what connected us. First of all, I have to say what an incredible amount of work it had to have been for Sarah. Just planning a wedding is hard enough. But add in a family reunion of over 80, well, let's just say it was an incredible amount of work that I know Sarah and I'm sure Emmy did.

Sarah opened up her wedding. We all had a part. Every family was included somehow. All the kids were part of the ceremony. And I'm not sure how they did it but they got just about everyone to come....for the entire weekend! My kids discovered an entire branch of family. Kids who were their own ages that they still keep in touch with today, 3 years later. I was able to reconnect with cousins and aunts and uncles that I hadn't seen for years. I was also able to renew my relationship with my grandparents. It was just an incredible time that I don't know could ever be recaptured again.

So, when we came together again for grandma's funeral, I felt so at ease. It was so comfortable because of that weekend back in August, 2004.

Sarah, thankyou for sharing your wedding with all of us. Thanks for getting everyone involved and the way you had all the kids be a part of Dion & your special day. Thanks for all the hard work and planning that went into that entire weekend. The fruits of it were seen again this past weekend.

The Benzing Family - 2004

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