Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Works For Me Wednesday

I have decided to participate in my very first "Works For Me Wednesday" hosted by Rocks in my Dryer.

Generally, I buy what is cheapest but there are certain occasions when I am brand loyal simply because these products work and work well for me.

For dishwashing, I use the following products: Dawn - specifically with bleach. We do not own a dishwasher, so I like the way that Dawn attacks grease and makes my dishes feel squeaky clean. I also like the idea of a little shot of bleach to kill germs.

I use SOS scrubber sponges to wash my dishes. They are made well. They scrub away, do not fall apart and do not scratch. I also like the way they fit in my hand.

For laundry, I choose Tide. It really does get my whites whiter and my brights brighter! My clothes get so clean. I also like the way it smells.

I have recently switched to Downy fabric softner - liquid. I like the way it treats my clothes. They feel better & look in much better condition. I didn't use Downy for years because I thought the smell was too strong. I found that if I use Mountain fresh the scent is lighter.

In the bathroom I use ScotchBrite toilet scrubbers. I LOVE the idea of being able to throw away the toilet brush. I've always hated them. They are ugly, ugly, ugly, nasty, germ-filled, bacteria-breeding things!! I chose ScotchBrite primarily because of their price. I keep using them because I like their design and the thorough job they do on cleaning the bowl.

For general cleaning, I use Swiffer Dusters for dusting. I have used these for several years. They work so much better than a feather duster. They can get in/under tight spaces, and if you get the extending handle, they can clean walls, ceiling fans, and corners where dust & cobwebs like to hide.

I had seen these Swiffer Vacs advertised but was very skeptical of how they'd work...until I saw Kim & Aggie use one on "How Clean Is Your House?" I went right out and made the $28 investment. I've had mine for well over a year. I LOVE it. Nothing...not even the broom can get up hair, dust & crumbs like this thing does. With hardwood floors, this was one of the best investments I ever made.

Here's another item I was skeptical of. The Febreeze ScentStories machine. Now, I like Febreeze but wasn't sure if this machine was worth what it costs. Amy, however, found one on clearance and brought it home. It works SO WELL!!!! The only bummer is that our local grocery store & Walmart have stopped carrying the cartridges. I have found them online and recently discovered that Yankee Candle makes refills and they are very reasonable. I can't wait to order some.

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