Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Roast Beef & Dominoes

Last night, my dad was out of town, Cliff was working at the church, and Amy was at work. Mom called and invited me and the two kids over for dinner. She had a great roast beef dinner with real mashed potatoes. It was like the Sunday dinners we used to have!!
My mom LOVES games!! She has collected about 100 over the years and all the grandkids love to play games with her because she is so fun. So we always play a game when we're there. Last night it was Mexican Train. We had so much fun and we always end up laughing until our sides hurt.
I count myself very fortunate that we live less than 1 mile from my parents. God has truly blessed my children with a gift they aren't aware of sometimes. I only got to see my grandparents about twice a year because we lived so far from eachother. My parents have been such a help and blessing to me and my family and I'm continually thankful we can share evenings like we did last night.

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Beth said...

Just want you to know I'm so JEALOUS! Wish I could be there.