Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Concert and Tears

Tonight was my son Jacob's first High School choir concert. I couldn't believe that I actually started to tear up!!!! (I would show a picture here but I do not want to post pictures of other kids without their knowledge or consent.) Anyways, back to the concert. Part of the emotions came from the beautiful rendition of "Over The Rainbow" that they sang. The harmonies were well excuted and absolutely moving!! The other part of the emotion came from the passing of time. I remember how excited I was for Joshua to be a part of the high school choir. Time passed so quickly and it seemed like in the blink of an eye, he was grown up and gone off to college. Jacob is one of my little kids. It's all I can do to think of him as a young man. He's grown way to fast and looking at him on that stage, in his choir outfit, looking so handsome and manly just really got to me. So yeah, I sat there and teared up. Time is flying! I need it to slow down...just a little.

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Beth said...

My oh my. The little twin cousins are growing up- doesn't seem possible that they are men already. I get that same feeling with Zack. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed with Paul getting so old that I overlook Zack. He played so well in church this morning and was so excited to play his rendition of "This World is Not my Home". You would have been proud!