Tuesday, October 30, 2007

An Interesting Shopping Trip

In reading Money Saving Mom, I have been inspired to begin shopping at CVS and Walgreens. Each week she points out all of the ways to save alot of money there. Last week I began at CVS. I got myself extremely confused (which is not hard to do) but still bought $42 worth of stuff and paid $25. Today I was ready to go back and attempt adding Walgreen deals. I wanted Cliff to come along because I wanted someone to help keep me from confusing myself. We started at CVS and did pretty good today. I had over $28 in coupons and deals!!! Our next stop was Walgreens.
When we got to the store, I told Cliff, "Let's divide and conquer" since time was beginning to be an issue. He went one way and I went the other. We met in middle and made our way to the cashier. There was one man at the register when I got there. Now, as I was placing my items on the counter, this man was buying 4 cartons of cigarettes. I noticed that he was rather jumpy and thought at the time that he must be on something. The cashier gave him the total ($150.00) and as she did, he tried to grab the cigarettes and run out the door. Unknown to this man, Cliff was standing right there and tackled him. They fell all over the security things by the door and Cliff held him there until other guys from the store came up and secured him. I, at the time, was screaming from a place inside myself I knew not existed. I was screaming for Cliff to let him go because you never knew these days who has a gun or knife. God's protection was definately on us and especially on Cliff. Later I explained to him that the store can recoup the $150 but our family could never recoup the loss of our husband/father.
I am proud of him, however. I mean, how do you know when to act or when to be safe???? Is there a line? Cliff acted purely on instinct. He didn't even give it a second thought.
I shook so hard. Then I cried and later we laughed how that guy never saw what hit him and how that when I said to divide and conquer that was not the kind of conquer I had in mind!!!
My bargain at Walgreens was a little better than I originally thought. My total was over $20 and after coupons it was $9.00 which the store gave us. I told Cliff I would rather have paid the $9.00 than go through that.

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