Sunday, October 28, 2007

Memory Album

My parents went through a time when the only kind of pictures they took were slides. Needless to say, much of my childhood pictures are stored away in their basement in the hundreds of boxes of slides stored down there.
A couple years ago, my parents were gone for a week or so, so I spent several days in the basement with the slide projector. I picked out several hundred to make prints of. I actually sat there with a pencil and labeled where each slide came from so I could put them back!!
This picture is of myself, my brother, Jon and my sister, Elizabeth on Easter, 1970. It is one of my favorites! We are in front of a VFW hall in downtown Albany, NY where my dad had recently started a new church. I am in the pink dress and I LOVE Elizabeth's little blue suit!!
Can you believe this picture came from a 37 year-old slide? Aren't the colors fantastic? It looks like the picture was taken yesterday.
We lived in Albany until I was 9 and my dad left that church to start another one in Long Island, NY.
I will write more of my NY memories in future posts. I loved growing up in NY. Albany was a wonderful place to be a kid. We lived in a little country town called West Sand Lake. I remember going to the little grocery store by myself when I was 5. And a few doors down from us was a little candy store. I remember saving my money (not sure where it came from) to buy a panda bear shaped pajama bag there and a little doll that came with alot of accessories....including a bath tub with shower.
There's nothing like up-state NY in the fall. I don't have many specific memories of the weather other than that by Thanksgiving there would be alot of snow.
I have many more Albany memories I will share in future posts lest this one become a book!!!!! :-)

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Beth said...

You must tell about the fish hook in your foot! Now that was a memory. And I don't remember you getting all that stuff from the candy store. All I remember getting is penny candy and one time a styrofoam block to build a sugar cube house on. Strange, I know.

I remember having nightmares in that house and screaming and going into the bathroom where mom was taking a bath in that claw foot tub, scared out of my mind. I also remember using a sled as a boat in a huge puddle under that big willow tree.

I haven't thought of those things in years.