Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Snow Day

They have been predicting snow for today all week. As of this morning, it was supposed to rain on and off and turn to snow somewhere between 7 amd 9 tonight. I guess the temp dropped faster then the weather guys thought because it has been snowing for a good 2 hours now. It's a steady falling and everything outside has a nice dusting. We are supposed to get anywhere between 1-4 inches. But do they really know????

I had planned to make Taco Soup for tonight. I try to make a "crock-pot" meal on days I work. What a perfect dinner for a cold and snowy day. If you've never had this soup, it is so good. I pretty much follow this recipe except I did not add the water and I double it and use an entire packet of taco seasoning. It's all to taste. I would think also, that if you are vegetarian, you could just eliminate the ground beef. It would change the taste somewhat but I would think it would still be very good. I'm surprised I like it as well as I do because I'm not that big on beans. I have discovered, however, that I do like black beans when cooked right. In our household, only Cliff and I will eat it (the bean factor doesn't sit well with my picky, picky kids) so we'll eat if for a day or two and I'll freeze the rest for him to take for dinner while he's working.

We are hitting the "slopes" Sunday for some snow tubing fun. It's supposed to be very, very cold!!! We're all looking forward to it.

Have a good evening and Stay Warm!!!!!

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