Monday, January 28, 2008

A Few Links of Interest

I have been entering drawing after drawing at the Bloggy Carnival hosted by Rocks In My Dryer. Last fall there were over 500 drawings, which means over 500 prizes to be won!! I ended up winning a Beth Moore Bible Study. Check it out....maybe enter to win something It's alot of fun!!

My cousin Gretchen has been doing a series of posts about various members of our very large family. We are all scattered about the country and cousins vary in ages from toddlers to (well, I hear the oldest cousin just turned 50!) Congrats to my cousin, Janet!! Anyways, this post is about my cousin, Elise, who has turned out to be such a beautiful, sweet girl. God has just done some great things in her life. Her testimony is inspiring.

Hoping you're having a happy Monday!!

Update: Kelli over at No Place Like Home posted some absolutely delicious looking recipes as well as a few craft projects. The pictures are beautiful and I'm planning on trying some of these ideas!!

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Gretchen said...

Thanks for the link, Rebecca!