Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Have you ever seen something, heard a song, or smelled something cooking and it transported you right back to another time in your life? It happens to me occasionally when I hear certain songs from when Cliff and I were dating...songs like "Harbour Lights" or "Now Is the Hour." Yeah, he was in the Navy, he was shipping out, and those WWII songs just seemed to romaticize that otherwise sad time!!

Yesterday I borrowed a Video I had given my dad years ago. Three episodes of one of his favorite shows..."The Honeymooners!" I put it in and as soon as I heard the music and saw the graphics of the opening credits, I was transported back in time. Back to warm summer nights in Long Island, NY. I was a kid. The "Odd Couple" came on at 11:00 and the "Honeymooners" were on at 11:30. That was LATE for us!! We would never be allowed to stay up so late during the school year but this was summer. We didn't have air-conditioning so my mom would let us sleep in the living room on Friday nights. What a treat!! It was so special that I remember thinking that I had the absolutely best mom in the world!! We'd lay there warm, tired, and content watching the antics of Ralph and Alice Kramdon. How special!! It was nice to go back yesterday and remember these days. I can almost smell the summer heat!

To take this a step further, I've been mulling over these thoughts today and I realized that God uses this part of our human-ness. Think about Communion. It is a time of remembrance revolving around taste...and in today's church, music is often used too to help us remember His love, His grace, His most awesome gift of His Son. All throughout the old testament, God had people build altars to remember experiences and lessons learned so that they could go back, remember and never forget. What about Passover? I'm not a Bible scholar by any means but it just all clicked together for me today how important times of reflection and remembrance are. I am reminded and humbled once again how much my God has done for me.

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Emily said...

I really appreciate this reminder! What a neat lesson from memories! Thanks for sharing!:)