Saturday, September 6, 2008

Trying to Become a Morning Person!

I'm a Night Owl. I admit it. I love staying up at night. It's been this way since I was a kid. My mom would be telling me to go to bed but I always seemed to be the last one to get there. I just seem to be more productive at night. My poor parents...their room was under mine and on more than one occasion I'd be struck with inspiration at 1 in the morning and decide to give my room a good cleaning, or, heaven forbid, decide to totally rearrange my room all together!!
Back in the days when I only had my oldest two kids, I'd stay up all night on Friday and clean the house from top to bottom. That way I could wake on Saturday to a wonderfully clean house and enjoy a total day of leisure. If I didn't have to get up for school, work, or church, I'd eventually have myself where I'd be up most of the night and sleep through a good part of the day. I was on pace for it through this summer and Cliff's hours didn't help! I'd wait until everyone was in bed and then get on the computer and watch some TV while the night hours ticked by. But now?? ALL HAS CHANGED!!
Cliff used to get home sometimes around 4:30 AM. He now has to GET UP at 4:30. My day starts at 6:00 AM! You cannot stay up half the night and get up, let alone even hear the alarm! These days I have to force myself to not listen to my inner Night Owl and change my ways. This routine has now virtually cut out the time I had been spending on the computer. I have little bits of time here and there but my blogging has suffered!! I'm working on it.
I do, however, kind of like our new schedule. It is still taking some getting used to but its far, far better for our family overall. I can put my night owl to bed for the long winter but I know he'll begin to resurface the closer we get to summer again!!


Anonymous said...

Isn't life full of so many changes? We go through these "times of change" and it's so good to know God is walking with us. I don't think we will have the "mid-life" crisis as some do with Him so near. Without Him we can do nothing. Each one of us are different experiencing different things at this time in life. With us our children left out last year. Both of them at the same time. Then my father committed suicide, my in-laws have been through a bout of illness and now it's my grandfather. It seems with me God keeps me busy about His work. Whether it's holding up during a time of deep grief or taking care of the elderly. Change is sure to come in one form or another.
My hubby worked nights for 17 years and then we switched to day shift. Talk about a change. It was WONDERFUL. No more tip toeing about. I just love it. It's been about 3 years now.
Take care and LEAN on HIM!

Kelli said...

From one night owl to another, I know how big the adjustment is. My perfect schedule would be stay up till 2:00am and sleep in to 10:00am. LOL That just doesn't work with children though. When we got our puppy in May I started getting up at 6:00am and it took me 6 weeks to get used to it. Now I am tired by 9:30/10:00pm and fall right to sleep. I used to have awful insomnia. I love my early morning quiet time and am very thankful that I was finally able to make the change.
Hang in will get easier!