Monday, September 15, 2008

Quite A Crazy Weekend!

Amy drove home this past weekend in the middle of heavy rain forcasts. She had just pulled off the exit, hit some oil mixed with water and rear-ended another car. (This was her first fender-bender!) After getting through all that goes along with fender-benders, she met Cliff up at the local Wal-Mart just as a tornado touched down just a few miles away. They shut the store down and they were there for 45 minutes until the all-clear was given!! This is still only Friday evening!!
Saturday, the kitchen sink and toilet decided to back up. Our plumber seems to think we have a collapsed pipe in our main line. Meanwhile, Cliff needs to take Amy's car up to a body shop and at the same time, I'm trying to prepare a dinner to share with my parents for Emily's birthday celebration. ARRGH!!!!!!!! Too much all going on at the same time!! We finally got everything done and Cliff & Amy walked in just as we said the prayer for dinner. Emily got some very nice gifts...the sweetest of which came from her brother who, after starting a new job, had some money of his own and chose gifts he knew she'd love.
Sunday, Cliff had to run around trying to get Amy's headlight fixed up enough for her to drive back to school. He had to do all this before church because right after church he had to referee two football games. As soon as church was out, Cliff & Jacob headed off to work as the girls and I headed to lunch with my parents. We then came home where Amy loaded up another car full of stuff during which our two dogs ran off! Those dumb dogs haven't run off for over a year!! Why this weekend?? We finally found them almost a mile down the road after 20 minutes of driving around the neighborhood!!!!! Amy took off and got back to school without anymore excitement. Cliff came in from his games, changed clothes and headed back to church for a meeting. Emily went over to my mom's for the evening. Jacob was still at work. I stayed home....alone...and breathed a very big sigh of relief!! And then headed upstairs and started cleaning up Emily's new room. It was very therapeutic!!
After all that, I have to say that comparatively, I really have no problems. There is a girl in our church who was 6 1/2 months pregnant. She started having trouble breathing and upon examination, found a mass on her uterus. Meanwhile the baby wasn't due until Nov. but they had to go ahead and deliver him about 2 weeks or so ago. He's doing very well. She, however, is not. The mass turned out to be cancerous and was the size of a basketball. During the surgery, they found it had spread and as recently as last week, they are thinking it is also in her colon. Please remember this girl as well as her family in your prayers. In addition to the baby, she also has 2 young children. God is a God of miracles and our prayers are not in vain.


Anonymous said...

Bless your heart. Sounds like a wild weekend. It seems like when it rains it pours. It does here too. We had a house full of company one year at Thanksgiving and all the showers had backed up in the basement from the morning of getting ready and then everything else did too. It was a mess and nasty. Hubby and son dug half the backyard up to find the pipe going in the septic tank and finally found it chipped the buildup out and all was well. That was 4 years ago and we just got it fixed back right a month ago. :-)
We will be praying for the young lady and her baby and family. So sad.

nannykim said...

Yes, it is so true that we need to keep things in perspective. It is a sad story at the end---I will pray for her right now.

May the rest of the week go more smoothly!????