Sunday, September 7, 2008

Politics and Such

The first memory I have of a political nature is watching the states roll call and the nomination for Richard Nixon.
I have made a personal decision to not discuss politics. It is one of those topics that evokes so much emotion in people. And it seems that no matter how long or hot the debate, no one's mind seems to get changed and they walk away with a whole lot of aggrivation!
I must confess that a few elections ago, I did not vote. I felt that my vote did not count and that my choices had been made for me by the press, society, and the powers that be. To be honest, I felt somewhat hopeless about that entire election. I was wrong. Not only is it my civic duty as a citizen of this country but it is also my duty as a Christ follower. I've never looked at it like this before. I was thinking about this the other day; I live my life by a set of convictions and values that I feel God has called me to live by. Cliff's values are very similiar but we do have a few differences. I think the values and convictions from person to person differ...that goes for political candidates as well. Frankly, there is no perfect candidate. So, in looking at the values and convictions that I believe God has called me to live by, I will cast my vote for the candidate who I feel best represents those values.
We need to vote and above all, we need to be much in prayer for our country. As much as our votes DO count, our prayers count all the more!!
**Disclaimer: I have purposely left out any references to specific candidates and parties. This post is NOT intended to evoke political debate and if any comments head in that direction, they will be deleted. Thanks!!

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