Monday, September 8, 2008

A Long Busy Day

I have wanted to put a small, open hutch in my kitchen for about a year. I finally got one today. Actually it's a china cabinet but I took the doors off and the center bar out and I'm left with a beautiful open hutch. I LOVE it. I have a few things sitting on it right now but its going to take me a few days to get it where I like it. I also have a white shelf that runs the length of my wall about a foot or two from the ceiling. Those are going to come down. I'm hoping I'll have it all arranged for Show & Tell on Friday.
We also spent some time swapping furniture. There were 2 beds up in the girls room. One is a day bed with a trundle so we took out Emily's bed and she's moving to Amy's day bed. Amy can use the trundle when she comes home. We also moved Amy's dresser down to Jacob's room because it was bigger, and put Emily's bed in his room because it was better quality. There's still a bed and dresser in my dining room waiting to go to the garage but we've all run out of steam.
I'm still not quite used to having only 2 kids around here and not waiting up for someone to come home from work. I've had an extra driver in the house for the past 5 years! It's also weird that both Jacob & Emily have their own rooms. No one has had their own room around here since 1995!!
We've got a busy week ahead around here. We're looking forward to celebrating my baby daughter's 13 birthday at the end of it. How my baby got to be 13 is beyond me!!

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Anonymous said...

It took me a while to re-arrange the children's rooms last year. I felt so bad about changing things but then decided it's my rooms now. I painted Justin's old room yellow and put my antique bed in there that had been stashed away in the basement. I got my great grandaddy's bed from my Grandadddy's house and put in Britt's old room and then found other things to finish them off. Now I've got guest rooms for company and hopefully some day for the grand children to visit in. It can be fun to fix things up and move things around. I think it's the Lord's way of keeping us occupied after they leave home. :-) Keep on hanging in there. It will get easier but with our mother's hearts it will never be the same for us. Change is all part of life. We raise them up to move on and can be thankful they are moving on. With mine they are walking with Him and it made it so much easier. Sounds like you've got two good ones too. :-) Well, four good ones. I'll count those still at home too. :-)
Take care.