Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sigh of Relief

Plumbing is fixed!! It wasn't the big repair they originally thought...the big repair that was going to dig up half my yard! Turns out it was just one incredibly long clogged pipe! As I write this post tonight, all the dishes are done, laundry is done...closets and drawers are full of fresh, clean clothes and the beds are all made up with fresh sheets. It's a great feeling!
Fall is in the air here in KC. After the heavy rain this weekend, things have dramatically cooled off. It's heavenly and refreshing. I've had the windows open and my house smells like the crisp, cool, clean air of Autumn. This sense of fall makes me want to go bake a pumpkin pie!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm enjoying cooler weather here in Ky too. I had the windows open for the past two days and realized hubby was getting really grumpy. I had came to the conclusion he did not like the fall feel in the air. Then I realized his head was all stopped up and he could hardly breathe last night. The rag weed is in full blown allergy mode and he's bad allergic to it. What was making me extremely happy was making him extremely sick. So you guessed it... the windows are closed once again. :-(
Glad your plumbing is fixed and your clothes and dishes are clean. :-)
Happy fall feeling!

Betsy said...

One of my favorite feelings....all the laundry done and fresh sheets on all the beds! Aaaahh!