Tuesday, September 23, 2008


My parents have an apple tree in their back yard, and this year, it is fully loaded with apples.
Today, some of those apples found their way into my kitchen and became applesauce and an apple pie. It smelled so good and fall-like!! And they tasted just as good!!
On a side note, I am cautiously optimistic that all our plumbing problems are finally solved! We ended up having to stay at my parent's on Saturday night. By Sunday, we were back in business! We've had a long run at plumbing issues and hopefully we're at the end of them!!


Elizabeth said...

Yum! Nothing says fall like apple pie!

Elizabeth said...

Oh yeah, since misery loves company, I thought I would tell you that you are not alone in the plumbing problem dept. Sunday night we had water leaking out from under the toilets because there was a bad clog somewhere that we couldn't reach. So we went without toilets that night (running to the church after midnight to use those toilets) and had a plumber come Monday morning. So far, so good. What a mess it was to clean up.

Betsy said...

I love all those fall apple recipes! What a gorgeous picture, too!

nannykim said...

I love the apples this time of the year. The trees were loaded in NC where we went this past weekend. I bought a bushel and I can't stop munching on them!! THE BEST!!