Friday, September 12, 2008

Show & Tell Friday

A friend of ours inherited his dad's house. His intention was to fix it up and sell it. As they grew closer to the sell date, he asked if I'd like this china cabinet in exchange for Cliff doing some carpet work for them. At first I thought "no" because frankly I had no idea where I'd put it. After looking at it a little more closely, I thought it might be just the perfect size for my kitchen.
I got it on Monday and it was very dirty. I cleaned it up as best I can (I need to get some more Murphey's Oil Soap) and clean it up some more. I wanted it to be open, so we removed the doors and this is what we were left with. Can I tell you how much I love this little hutch??

Thanks for visiting my show & tell today. For more or to list your own, head on over to Kelli's at No Place Like Home.


Christina said...

Very pretty! I have a hutch similar to that--you've just inspired me to go organize and polish it up...LOL Thank you, and thanks for sharing!!


A Hint of Home said...

Isn't it great to be given something you learn to love so much? Very pretty.

Anonymous said...

How cute! Don't you just love getting something old and making it new to you? I have an open hutch that was my step-grandmother's. Her family gave it to me after she passed on for helping take care of her while she was so sick. I just love it. It's a corner cabinet and about the same color as yours. It's fun to find things to put on them and then take off and put out something new. You'll have fun with it.

Sue said...

I LIKE THE HUTCH WITH AND WITHOUT THE DOORS. I do not know how much work your hubby had to do, but this is a great piece.



Elizabeth said...

Cute! Where did you put in your kitchen?

Carla said...

How cool, and I love what you have displayed in it! (gotta love Murphy's oil soap:)

Kathy said...

Pretty china cabinet - and how nice that it was free!

ceekay said...

Great hutch and wonderful for display!