Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Printing Pictures

I got my first digital camera 3 years ago right before Josh graduated from High School. Since that time, I have taken a couple thousand pictures. They are all stored on CD's in a CD album. I do have the CD's labeled and have printed some of the pictures.
One of the projects I'm hoping to get to work on this week is getting some of my pictures printed and into photo projects so that I can put them into scrapbooks. To help with costs, I'm planning on taking advantage of a few "freebie" deals as well as Kodak kiosk coupons and CVS deals. It's a large project but one that I definately look forward to. I have forgotten all the treasures that are stored on those CD's!!


Beth said...

I've taken about 3000 since February. :)

Anonymous said...

My scrapbooking is way way way behind. I have Justin's baby page done with his hospital photo and his 1st college graduation page done. I've got Britt's high school graduation page done and that's it. :-( Lot's of pictures taken but not scrapped. :-) I've just not got the time or creativity it seems.
Have a good day!

The Horns said...

I use snapfish. I've been very happy with them. If you prepay it's like .08 per print. I'll send you an invite to see some of my pics and you'll get 20 free prints.