Monday, June 9, 2008

The Hounds

These are my crazy dogs!
Abbie is actually Josh's dog. She's a lab/boxer mix whom he adopted 4 years ago. She was such a cute little puppy and he assured me she was a medium dog. Then I got a look at her paws and knew if she was a medium, she was a large medium! Josh took all responsibility for training her and he did an excellent job. She's got a great personality and is such a sweetheart. She's got a hefty bark which she rarely uses but we all know that if someone where to try to ever break into our house, they'd think twice once they heard her bark!!

Jack used to live down the street from us. I noticed this little white puppy out in the street and just knew he was going to get hit by a car. The girl who owned Jack asked Emily if we wanted a dog. I told Emily to go ahead and tell her we would take him. He was very skittish at first and would run away at top speed if he ever found the gate open. I am proud to say that Jack has reformed due to the large amounts of love he has received (and a few spankings) and loves to be petted and comes when called. These days if he happens to find the gate open, he just tries to get in the car!

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Betsy said...

Both are soooo cute! Good for you for taking them in and training them to be good doggies! :)