Monday, June 30, 2008

Busy News & Sad News

For some reason, I always think I'm going to have all kinds of extra time over the summer. In reality, I always seem to be busier!! It was a crazy busy week followed by an equally busy weekend! But I'm done and I feel a small bit of freedom.
We had a picnic at church on Friday evening. Alot of games and fun. The picture is of my dad & Jacob in a very heated and "contested" croquet game.

I wasn't able to make the crop over at Karen's due to nice big headache. Thankfully it didn't last all day and towards the evening, I actually found some time to scrapbook...something I haven't done since Christmas! It was so nice and relaxing. I worked on the pages I was hoping to work on at Karen's. I'm about half-way done with Amy's middle school pages.
On a sad note, we found out yesterday that our friend Margaret passed away. Cliff knew her when he was a little boy in GA and she was the one who first got us together. We were so sad to learn of her passing but are thankful she is at home with the Lord.


Beth said...

Margaret O'dell?? Really? I'm shocked. Was she sick?

nannykim said...

Sorry about your loss.

Croquet is such an old fun game!!