Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Moving Things Around

Ok, so we started off the day doing a version of musical chairs with cars. My mom borrowed a pick-up truck from her neighbor and he took her car to work. After I took the kids to school, I took my car to her and drove the neighbor's truck home to pick up Cliff. Amy took Cliff's car to work as her's is broken down. Still with me???

The reason for the car swapping?? Mom bought several large-sized items at Nebraska Furniture Mart and Cliff & I picked them up. Those were taken home and we then picked up her new lawn mower. At mom's house, Cliff & Jacob removed a sofa from an upstairs office and brought it to my house. They then removed my sofa (which was beyond repair). Jacob was then taken to track practice and I accompanied Cliff to the dump where we disposed of said broken sofa so we don't get ourselves in this situation again!!

After taking the truck back to the neighbor's and picking up my car, we heading to our little neighborhood grill for Tuesday's half-price hamburgers because neither one of us felt like cooking tonight.

Actually it felt really good to get so much accomplished today. We've got a long list of projects that need to be accomplished around here so hopefully we'll keep the momentum going!

Now I'm heading off to enter a few more drawings over at the Bloggy Carnival and then to bed.

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The Horns said...

Hey, we do half price burger night too on Tuesdays. Can't beat it. My hubby and I can eat for $3.70