Monday, April 21, 2008

Memory Album

While going through my pictures a year or so ago, I found pictures of me with each of my sons. The cool thing about these pictures is that they were both similiar poses, and both boys were 2 months old. I had found a poem in a magazine that captured the feeling of these pictures. I put them all together on this scrapbook page that is in my "Favorites Album."
The poem is as follows:

To My Sons:
I look to you with hope and pride,
I see your future brightly.
Your deep concerns and aspirations
I will not take lightly.
The future is a mystery
that everyone explores.
I'll share your possibilities,
Embrace your distant shores.
I'll answer you when questions stir,
encourage you, implore you.
But life's a challenge shaped by God
a gift I can't live for you.
So live it well; respect it fully;
play your spirit out,
Seek and then discover
all the best that life's about.
Remember that you're not alone-
My love is always there.
The challenge that defines your life
I am there to share.
You're on a voyage into time,
A trip to somewhere new.
You may not always see me there,
But I'll be there with you.


Beth said...

Cute pictures. I love what you did with them. I remember that big old binky Josh had! I'm jealous of your scrapbooks!

Kelli said... cute and the poem is so very sweet!