Thursday, April 17, 2008

Busy Weekend

Tomorrow we are heading back to Bethel for Amy's music scholarship audition. She & I have been working on her solo pieces all week. Amy & her friend, Danielle left tonight so Cliff and I will have a quiet ride with none of the kids tomorrow.
I am currently knee deep in a video project for Sunday. It's probably one of the most complicated ones I've done to date.
Between tomorrow's all day trip and the video, I don't even have time for Show & Tell this week. I'll be gone tomorrow so I probably won't be posting again until Sunday.
Just a quick reminder, though, it's time for the Bloggy Carnival again. Last time I won 3 apron, a book, and my blog makeover. Here's the link. The fun starts Monday morning!! For those of you who've never tried it, there will be links to over 700 blogs where each blogger is giving away a prize. There's all sorts of stuff to be won!! It's a blast!! It will go on all week. Have fun and I'll see you Sunday.


Kelli said...

Have fun and good luck on your project!

Tracy said...

I pray that the audition goes well.