Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy Birthday

Due to flooding in the cellar, taxes, and a migraine, I'm a day late in this post!!

20 years ago yesterday (April 14) Cliff & I were blessed with what I believed was a little angel from heaven. We didn't find out until her delivery what the baby was. Cliff was so excited he yelled, "It's a Girl!!" I was so happy! We already had a son and I was wanting a girl. We had chosen the name, Amy Elizabeth. Amy had a head full of dark
hair and the slightest little up-turned nose. She was so cute!

Amy was such a good baby and a good girl. She's got one of the greatest dispositions of anyone I've ever met. She's so even-tempered. She loves life, loves to play and have a good time. She's alot of fun to be around!

I'm so glad she decided to go to Jr. college and live at home these past 2 years. Once again I find myself watching one of my children grow away from me. As a mom, this has probably been one of the hardest things I've ever done...let go. I'm watching on the sidelines as she is building her own life and making preparations to leave our home late this summer. It's a bittersweet time because I'm so glad she's so strong and independant and a woman of faith but on the other hand I've been struggling to figure out how or where I fit into her life. I have a whole new respect for my mother as she sat on the sidelines and watched me get ready to leave our home in New York to go to Jacksonville, FL with my new husband.
Time has passed far too quickly. Yesterday I brought this beautiful baby girl home and today she is 20.

Happy Birthday, Amy. Know wherever God takes you in your life, your mother loves you and will ALWAYS be here for you!!


Beth said...

Amy was (and still is) so cute!! Can't believe she is 20 already- where did the time go. That picture of her in the nursery in FL is how I remember her most. I'm looking forward to seeing all of you in a few months.

Betsy said...

What a wonderful post to your daughter...thanks for letting the rest of us take a peak. What a sweetie! ~~yes, watching your children grow up is bittersweet!
And it takes faith that God will care for them and that they will remember all those things we taught them!

The Horns said...

Life is bitter sweet isn't it. You spend your time raising your children to be strong independent adults and when they are, you know you have done a good job. Still hoping that they will still need you. Amy is a strong person and you and Cliff have done a fantastic job raising your children. I'm sure no matter where life takes Amy, you will always be a significant part of her life.