Tuesday, November 18, 2008


My Top Ten List of Things I'm Thankful For:

1 - My relationship with God that gives me peace, comfort,direction, security, forgiveness and grace...(to name a few!)
2 - My husband - who has honored his wedding vows for almost 24 years and gives me the freedom to be me. Cliff works so hard each week to provide for us. Cliff is a very kind man and has been a good father to our children.
3 - My four children - each one is so different and unique and each one blesses me in their own individual way.
4 - My parents - who I am so blessed to live so close to and who are in good health. They are godly examples to our family and wonderful grandparents to my kids. They have been there for us countless times through the years.
5 - My siblings & their families - I have a great friendship with both my brother and sister and their respective spouses (yes, Paul, even you :-) I love my neices and nephews and wish I could be more of a part of their lives.
6 - My church - I feel so honored to not only work for our church but to worship with this body of believers each week.
7 - My extended family - There are so many spread all over the country. I wish we were able to gather together more often!
8 - My friends - Some of the best! Who are so hospitable and show such kindness to Cliff & I. More than any other time in my life do I count myself to be so rich by the good, good friends that I have.
9 - My country - No, we are not perfect, but we are free! May God continue to preserve the freedoms we enjoy!!
10 - My pets - I know this may seem kind of silly but I have to tell you, they are such a comfort to me!! I just love each and every one of them :-)

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Anonymous said...


What a sweet list! it's easy to see what is important to you from this list, as well as your blog. Thanks for being a good example.! (and I'm thankful for pets too among other things) hee hee..