Sunday, November 30, 2008

Snow and Three Trees!

Yesterday we woke up to gray skies and snow falling. It fell steady all day long, although none of it really stuck to the ground. It continued on through the night and this was the scene we woke to this morning. Not enough snow to cause driving problems or shoveling but just enough to make it feel all wintery and give you a good dose of a Christmas spirit!! I managed to get my trees up and decorated over the weekend. This tree is in my dining room. It started with a collection of acrylic ornaments Josh & Amy gave me one year. They were getting lost on the big tree so I wanted them to be "showcased" on their own tree. Over the years I have added delicate, glass, and glittery ornaments to this tree.
The "big" tree I had used for the last 11 years was given to me by my mom. I think she used it almost 10 years. It was a great tree but the last couple years, it had faded and was losing alot of it's branches. Every year when I took it down, I vowed it would be the last year for that tree...until I priced replacement trees and instead of spending money on a new tree, I'd take it back out and put it up again. New trees are expensive!! A month or so ago, on a routine hunt through Goodwill, I came across a Christmas tree that looked fairly new. Since the packaging was the same as my other tree, I knew the quality of the tree would be good. I bought it without seeing it. I lugged that HUGE box out of the store and somehow got it in my car. Brought it home, put it together this weekend and I LOVE IT!!!! The best part was the price.....$19.95!!!!!!!!! This tree holds my huge ornament collection.

2 years ago, I bought Emily her own little tree to put up. Last year, Amy bought a collection of Disney themed ornaments from Hallmark. We decided to gather up all the ornaments that had a Disney theme and put them together on another tree instead of Emily's little tree. I pulled out Josh's Mickey Mouse hat we bought him on a trip to Disney 16 years ago to use as the topper.


Paul Sr. said...

Hey about some close ups of some of the ornaments? I hope Beth doesn't get any ideas from your blog. I don't even like putting up one tree much less Three! It would remind me of working in the Nursing home again.
Thanks again for getting Roxie's Christmas cd to Mom & Dad for Beth. We LOVE it! Its going on my ipod.

nannykim said...

What a find at the Goodwill!! That is wonderful.